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Steering KANA's vision

KANA's monthly management meeting is a pivotal element in our organizational success. During these sessions, we exchange information and deliberate on critical matters, including strategy formulation, performance assessment, and issue resolution. This forum serves as a means to clarify our organizational trajectory and foster growth—a source of innovation and leadership that's fundamental to our success.

Executive Officers and Board of Directors


Kei Katayama

Vice President

Chikayo Katayama


Osamu Manaka

Sales Division General Manager

Kazumasa Watanabe

International Division General Manager

Yasuhiko Matsui

General Affairs Division General Manager

Takaaki Nakamura

Sales Division Assistant General Manager

Nobuaki Takada

International Division Assistant General Manager

Shuhei Katsube

Sales Division Assistant General Manager

Kaichiroh Matsumura