PhilosophyAbout KANA

KANA: A global team dedicated tosolving manufacturing problems

Manufacturers face many challenges that hinder the stable production of goods, such as inconsistent product quality, delivery delays caused by international situations or natural disasters, and volatile raw material prices. Our mission is to confront these difficulties and provide satisfaction and peace of mind to our customers and suppliers through teamwork.

KANA Group companies are managed based on our Philosophy, Mission, and Beliefs.

At KANA, we foster an environment that encourages individuals to align their goals with our Philosophy and approach their work passionately, while respecting the diverse values of each team member.

At KANA, we strive to address problems by maintaining open communication among all members, focusing on relevant issues, and engaging in thorough discussions to fulfill our Philosophy. Once a plan is determined, we unite as a team to swiftly implement decisions.


We aim for upright prosperity based on respectfor humanity and contribution to society.

Respect for humanity

At KANA, we regard the personal growth of every individual involvedin our business as integral to our own development.Our goal is to establish an environment where individuals can find a sense of purposein their work and realize their potential as individuals and as part of a team.We are committed to fostering cooperation with others, both within and outside the company,in order to cultivate fair and positive relationships.

Contribution to society

Proposing products and services that are unique to us and identifyingand fulfilling needs that even our customers may not be aware of,we spare no effort to contribute to industrial and economic growthand foster a better society through our manufacturing efforts.

Upright prosperity

KANA is committed to developing our business in order to maximize our corporate value.This is crucial to enhancing the lives of KANA employees, partners, and their families.Upholding ethical standards, adhering to the laws and customs of each country, and acting with integrity,we aim to grow further as a trusted corporate group within our society.

We believe that the upright prosperity of KANA lies in the growth of each individual. It's essential for every one of us to strive for personal improvement, enhance our capabilities, and work with a sense of personal responsibility. We provide an environment characterized by mutual trust and high expectations, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

KANA values individuals who boldly initiate challenging proposals and collaborate with others to accomplish them. We recognize their achievements by ensuring equal opportunities and fair distribution of rewards based on merit.


Satisfaction and peace of mind through the stable supplyof energy transmission products.

Our business fields

KANA specializes in providing customers with a stable supply of energy-transmission products,such as sprockets, roller chains, gears, and related products.Through continuous improvement and accumulated expertise in this field,we aspire to grow as a corporation that delivers added value to all our customers.

Stable supply

We are dedicated to maintaining a stable supply of products and servicesthat consistently meet high standards of quality, cost-efficiency, and timely delivery.We go the extra mile to honor our promise to our customers.This is why KANA sees the value in confronting and overcoming challengesby pooling our collective knowledge as a team to find solutions.

KANA and partnership

KANA's ability to sustain its operations hinges on the trust it garners from all associated businesses and the people within local communities. It is imperative not only that customers perceive the value of “purchasing through KANA” and suppliers recognize the value of “selling through KANA” but also that KANA endeavors to foster a sense of its intrinsic worth among local communities and employees. We will continue our business activities based on the principle of “mutual prosperity,” aiming to ensure that KANA's presence resonates positively with all stakeholders.

Satisfaction and peace of mind

Fairness, equity, and integrity are at the forefront of our transactions.We strive to deliver a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind in all our dealings.We never engage in transactions that cannot promise mutual prosperity,nor do we spare any effort to ensure all our transactions lead to mutual prosperity.


We set compelling goals that inspire people. These are always at the forefront of our minds, expressed through our words and attitudes. Challenges are confronted with the belief that crises are the seeds of opportunities. We regularly strategize, evaluate, and improve our actions. We aim to engage all stakeholders to share in the joy of mutual prosperity.

Goals that inspire people

At KANA, we set ambitious goals that attract talented individuals.Our Long-Term Vision, Mid-Term Management Plan,and Year Plan embody our collective aspirations.Our team is encouraged to consider, articulate, and understand our goals and how to achieve them while fostering a mindset of seeking out and engaging new challenges.

Aligning words and attitudes with goals

In pursuit of our goals, we ensure that every member of our team aligns their words and attitudes with our company's Philosophy.KANA encourages open communication and sharing individual challenges to find solutions collectively.At KANA, we value those who take ownership of their goals and strive to achieve them.

Embracing crises as seeds of opportunities

We face difficulties head-on, recognizing that they hold the potential for growthand improvement, and try to address problems together as a team.We value individuals who possess an awareness of current challenges and can collaborate to solve them.Failure is an integral part of the learning process and we use it to pave the way for future success.

Planning, reflection, and improvement

KANA places great emphasis on planning and progress assessment.We evaluate our goal's quantitative and qualitative aspects at least twice yearly to gauge our achievements.Reflecting on our performance, we fine-tune our strategies and set our sights on the next goal.Each team member is accountable for their actions and the achievements they bring about as a result.

Sharing joy with our partners

Mutual prosperity is the cornerstone of KANA's business philosophy.We build enduring partnerships with a commitment to sustainable growth.We collaborate with our business partners, understanding and embracing each other's philosophies to achieve mutual prosperity.KANA strives to be an effective collaborator by always considering the needs of our partners.

KANA's Philosophy has been cultivated for over 100 years.